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It is hard to believe that 2022 is drawing to a close and we are entering another festive season. I would like to wish you a peaceful, merry and meaningful Christmas.

We will soon be facing the challenges and opportunities of a wonderful New Year, 2023. I hope that this New Year will accompany you with health and peace, and that all your needs will be met.

We remember those who did not make Christmas through the years.

Thank you for your support in 2022. I am looking forward to our journey through 2023.

My very best wishes,


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Unknown member
Dec 21, 2022

Radiant prosperity and par-excellent youthful health to you John and your family for all of 2023 - 24/7. If I am not out-of-order here, 'Rhodie On'.


Max Brown

Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Max - I have just picked this message up. Appreciate your greetings. Regards, John.

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