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Following Ian Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence on 11 November 1965, the Rhodesian Civil War, fought by African Nationalists determined to liberate their country from colonial rule through the barrel of a gun, escalated.


In this true, fascinating account, John Padbury, describes  the political background and developments from top secret Rhodesian documents as well as previously not seen British top secret documents and personal diaries of senior British politicians of the day.


Although poorly trained and ill prepared in guerrilla warfare, Rhodesian intelligence organisations were called upon to contain the threat and provide the military with intelligence in order to eliminate an elusive enemy. Padbury reveals his role in the war as a dedicated Special Branch intelligence officer committed to eradicate the enemy. He describes the insurgent's  revolutionary strategies and tactics as well as the counter-revolutionary operations of the Special Branch and the Security Forces. He has gathered numerous first hand accounts from his colleagues and those involved which enrich and authenticate his work. 


From his diaries he explains the unique strategies and tactics he developed to mobilise the people of Hurungwe in order to occupy and possess the ground previously held by a ruthless enemy. Had this successful Special Branch operation been emulated, it could have turned the tide of an unwinnable war. 

The shooting down of two civilian aircraft, and his operations with the military including the SAS, Selous Scouts, police para-military forces and Fire Force are described in detail.

                  UNITED KINGDOM                          £35 (excl. shipping).

£35 (excl. shipping).

                       SOUTH AFRICA                               £32 (excl. shipping).


AFRICA (Excluding Zimbabwe).    
£32 (excl. shipping).

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