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Former Detective Inspector Andrew Field, President of the British South Africa Police Regimental Association, has reviewed Battle For Hurungwe. Andrew was an operational Special Branch officer with considerable experience. He is the author of the blog South of the African Equator

"This title is another in the line of books written by former servicemen who had served their country during the Rhodesian Bush War, or the Liberation Struggle depending on your perspectives. Author, John Padbury, a former member of the Rhodesian Special Branch, and later a BSA Police Reservist designated to run an experimental Security Force Auxiliary (SFA) operation in the Hurungwe, which came just a little too late.

The Hurungwe and surrounding areas were a hotbed of terrorism and considered a liberated zone in which the civil authority and commensurate services had broken down. Revolutionary belligerents of Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) had dominated the area. This was the area in which two civilian Viscount airliners were shot from the sky with Soviet manufactured Strela-2 missiles, adding weight to how harsh the prevailing situation had become...." For the full review see

Andrew Field's blog, South of the African Equator can be found here: (~

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