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Battle For Hurungwe - latest reviews

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

"Having read Battle for Hurungwe, it brought a refreshing and honest account of a Special Branch operatives far reaching foresight into how and what needed to be achieved to counter the onslaught being waged by insurgents in the rural areas of Rhodesia. John's meticulous record keeping and astute assessment of intelligence gleaned was of the highest order, thus allowing him the ability to keep one step ahead of the enemy at every turn. Of particular interest, to me personally, was his interaction with his colleagues, black and white. John did not see colour but the best man for the job. He was not a top down manager but encouraged input from all, thereby making strategic decisions collective. Whilst stationed at Police Rusape, circa 76, I had many discussions with the black court interpreter, an astute, bright well educated individual who could easily have integrated into our 'society' yet was unable to due to his race. Such a pity the Government was so intransigent to change, although there were many members in the Police and Security Forces who advocated for integration and promotion of our black colleagues. John's operational style should have been the 'blue print' for all operational areas - home grown and operated militia to combat insurgent threat and get civil society in the rural areas back up and running. Battle for Hurungwe is a must read."

Graham Brand Former Detective Inspector

"John Padbury has crafted a meticulously researched analysis of a lesser-known but critical aspect of the Rhodesian bushwar. In my opinion, this should be essential reading for the student of COIN warfare; a book that adds a completely different dimension to the broader understanding of Rhodesia’s civil war. Highly detailed, with much reference material, and well-researched by the author who was in the frontline of the events he describes. This book will stand the test of time in an academic sense, yet is highly readable. I highly recommend ‘Battle for Hurungwe’. "

Neil Grange Researcher and amateur military history enthusiast of the Rhodesian bushwar

"This is a book that needed to be written and is proof of the closed minds of the RF government and illustrates the tragedy of brave intelligent men denied equal pay and rank.

However I have nothing but admiration for the BSAP. As reservists they treated us well and, when they could, looked after us. This is a book that vividly brings my service to mind and the small part I played in the overall scheme of events .”

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